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Kelly Rossum, trumpet; Bryan Nichols, piano; Chris Bates, bass; J.T. Bates, drums
Release date : Aug. 05, 2008
Label : 612 Sides
  1. Family
  2. This is where my head is at
  3. Mr. Blueberry
  4. Pure Imagination
  5. A Word From Our Sponsors
  6. Somebody Come and Play
  7. Interlude
  8. If I Were a Bell
  9. After the Snow
  10. Family Reprise




“The theme of Family is obvious, and whether it’s with relatives or musicians with common interests, it’s a sense of community that we look for and try to pass on. With his music, Rossum says no matter how far you travel, you can always come back to the embrace of those who love and support you from the start. One of the best jazz albums of 2008.”

— John Book, The Run-Off Groove


“Best Local Jazz Album of 2008 … a jazz album that respects, of all things, melody.”

— Mpls/ St. Paul Magazine, December 2008


“Family is consistently strong, with an emotional and thematic coherence suggested by, though not rigidly constrained by, the concept embodied in its title. It is possible that Rossum would make a much greater splash if he were to leave Minneapolis for New York. Then again, such a move might radically change the tenor of his work. If so, we can be glad he has stayed put.”

— Jeff Dayton-Johnson, All About Jazz


“Rossum makes music that offers a similar sort of simple, almost casual, profundity — where the face value of a song is both emblematic of its essence and merely the first layer of a plush, creative narrative.”

– Brit Robson, MinnPost


“As distinctive for his Mohawk coif as for his intelligent, endlessly eclectic, thoroughly modern jazz, trumpeter Kelly Rossum is seemingly everywhere on the local jazz scene […] As usual, Rossum and his band continually prod and stretch and tinker with expectations, coming up with stuff that’s resolutely fresh and original.”

– Rick Mason, City Pages


“’If I Were a Bell’ gets the full Rossum treatment, eight minutes of fascinating twists and turns on a familiar theme. The trumpeter employs the whole range of his instrument, ringing the changes with confidence […] one of the most original trumpeters on the scene today.”

– Tom Ineck, Berman Music Foundation


“It may be Rossum’s most mainstream, radio-friendly release yet, but be advised that ‘A Word From Our Sponsors’ sounds indebted to Ornette Coleman, and ‘Pure Imagination,’ seems as close to Anthony Braxton as Anthony Newley in Rossum’s surprise-filled rendition. Or to put it another way, while kids of all ages and jazz fans of all stripes (boppers, swingers, KBEM listeners) are invited to Rossum’s party, the punch he serves up is often well-spiked.”

– Tom Surowicz, Star Tribune


“With the release of Family, Rossum’s profile not only is updated, but his lineage more clearly defined, his cachet as one of the region’s most musically divergent thinkers and performers reinforced.”

– Andrea Canter, Jazz Police


“Kelly Rossum is a fantastic talent and channels the greats of jazz for his fourth album, Family. The tracks are bursting wtih soul and mash modern and old-world style into one.”

– Tammy Reese, Rift Magazine