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Kelly Rossum, trumpet; Woody Witt, tenor saxophone; Chris Thomson, tenor and soprano saxophones; Chris Bates, bass; J.T. Bates, drums
Release date : Oct. 03, 2006
Label : 612 Sides
  1. Line I
  2. La Vita a Roma
  3. Line II
  4. Sitting on the dock looking at stars
  5. Sand Dunes
  6. Line III
  7. Seduction
  8. Line
  9. Soft
  10. Line IV
  11. Places of the Mindful
  12. Line V



“Rossum’s band here offers an entirely acoustic combination of the sounds of those marvelous, piano-less ‘New Thing’ groups circa 1967, and Tim Berne’s fearless experiments circa 1987, which winds up sounding like the perfect jazz for 2007. […] Rossum has taken careful, lovingly developed ensemble arrangement and composition ideas, and an exaggerated dynamic contrast between the piano and the forte–the driving and the dreamy. […] This is uncompromising, well-rounded modern jazz, carefully prepared, but fresh and spontaneous in its execution.”

— Jeff Dayton-Johnson, All About Jazz


“Foremost among those projects are his solo CDs, which are consistently among the most innovative yet accessible jazz recordings in town, including the brand-new one, Line.”

— Chris Riemenschneider, Minneapolis Star Tribune


“…a quintet that in Line was captured live in a room, warts and all. ‘This is a jazz record’, we’re warned. And good, healthy jazz is indeed what we get: expositions of themes, solos, attentive interplay and boiling energies.”

— Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes


“On repeated listens it becomes easier to hear all of the little nuances and quiet moments that make the disc technically impressive. Each rotation peels away another layer of the onion, and the album continues to compound itself. In a time of quickly fading musical fads and buzz bands, Rossum has created a complete package that is both innovative and capable of standing up to the test of time—no matter how fast it starts to move.”

— Andrea Myers, Pulse of the Twin Cities


“This is Rossum’s most satisfying work to date that showcases his compositional skills while still providing plenty of solo space for these remarkable versatile musicians. Although the mood varies from piece to piece, the CD is a cohesive whole, rather then a random collection of tunes. This is in frequent rotation at my house and will certainly make my best of 2006 list.”

— Don Berryman, Jazz Police


“There’s an incredible amount of style and originality with [Rossum], not only holding to the traditions of jazz but also looking into more recent genres for inspiration, where one could easily hear him adapt to the sounds of Roni Size, Goldie, or St. Germaine. The musicianship on this release sounds right, as if they have been friends for years and this is what they were meant to do.”

— John Book (da bookman), Music for America


“Kelly’s playing is phenomenal throughout, but the most impressive thing is that you can tell he really led the album. There’s a big difference between leading an album and slapping your name on the front of the album, and Kelly really gets it. His personality is all over this one, and that’s a very, very good thing.”

— Jimi Michiel, TrumpetMaster