Party’s Over/Begun
Sold Out
Kelly Rossum, trumpet; Woody Witt, tenor saxophone; Ellen Lease, piano; Michael O'Brien, bass; Edgar Oliveira, drums
Release date : Mar. 18, 2003
Label : Yebo Productions
  1. Scatterlogic
  2. The Witch
  3. Little Mary
  4. Toxic Fruit
  5. Sand Dunes
  6. Through the Fog
  7. Lowlands
  8. Majestic, Mighty Monarch of the Air
  9. A.M. Quiet
  10. Rush Hour



“A fine quintet set, a lot of stylistic diversity in the compositions, the package held together into an artistic whole by the versatility of the musicians. A must have CD for fans of the sax and trumpet in front of the rhythm section quintet mode…”

— Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz


“Kelly returns in a wistful vein; shuffling gently, he doesn’t blow into his horn, he sighs. … The whole album comes at you like this – assertive, confident, and they do what they do very well.”

— Jazz Improv Magazine


“Here he is experimental, adventurous, and not at all tentative. … Rossum’s group is best when not playing it safe.”

— Thomas R. Erdmann, Past-ITG Jazz Editor, Director of Bands and Trumpet Professor, Elon University, Elon, North Carolina


“This is Kelly’s first venture as a leader, [and] I was happy to hear the complexity and craftsmanship of his compositions on this recording. … You are in for a treat!.”

— Dr. Ron McCurdy, Professor of Music, University of Southern California, International Association of Jazz Educators, Past-President


“They say those who can’t do, teach. Working to dispel that myth is Kelly Rossum, a Minneapolis trumpet player who has spent most of his adult life in musical academia. After teaching jazz at the University of Minnesota and [another university, incorrectly quoted], Rossum is stepping out as a bandleader. His debut disc, Party’s Over / Begun is a warm-and-smooth stew of sensitive balladry, dance-ready jazz waltzes and improvisational detours.”

— St. Paul Pioneer Press, July 26, 2002