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Kelly Rossum, trumpet; Chris Thomson, tenor saxophone; Chris Lomheim, piano and electric Rhodes piano; Michael O'Brien, bass and electric bass; J.T. Bates, drums
Release date : Apr. 29, 2004
  1. Cheap Cigars
  2. Lead Soldiers
  3. Fly Away
  4. Bugpowder
  5. Disposable Assets
  6. Life on Mars
  7. Little Wing
  8. Hennepin Bridge
  9. Taxi Funeral Waltz
  10. Glass Wheel
  11. The Two of Us
  12. Frances Loop



“The leader [Rossum] has an impressive command of his horn… Those of you who savor your jazz on the fringes of the avant-garde will enjoy this CD. If this is the musical path that Kelly Rossum has chosen to tread, it will be interesting to see where it leads.”

— ITG Journal, January 2005


Renovation chosen as one of The 10 best local albums of 2004

Here’s a romantic acoustic/electric set from trumpeter-composer Kelly Rossum and four more of this town’s finest young jazz players: rich-toned, exploratory tenor player Chris Thompson, pianist Chris Lonheim (pay special attention to his tender Rhodes solo on “The Two of Us”), sensitive bassist Michael O’Brien, and drummer JT Bates, quietly funky throughout. […] Renovation remains a warm-hearted, smartly eclectic outing from five versatile and simpatico players. Put it in your CD changer with Irv Williams’s That’s All for a civic-minded, culturally enriching, almost assuredly amorous evening.”

— City Pages, Year in Music Issue


“Twin Cities Critics Tally: The top 20 local albums of 2004

12 – Kelly Rossum Quintet, Renovation (612 Sides) Trumpeter Rossum’s second CD with his all-star jazz quintet has modern, innovative flavor but never falls too far from the Miles tree.”

— Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune


“It’s a new generation of acid jazz, the logical and artistic extension of what US3 started a few years back, melding the instrumentation and improvisation of jazz to the hypnotic rhythms of the latest club sounds. […] Rossum’s sophomore effort is brave, fun and listenable – and a near-perfect answer to anyone who claims jazz is dead.”



“Since [the release of Renovation], the unique sound of the Kelly Rossum Quintet has been turning the ears of critics and jazz fans alike. In fact, this year Renovation was nominated for four Minnesota Music Awards…”

— MacPhail Center for Music


“A solid jazz foundation intermixed with other musical styles is what makes this album truly great. […] If you are looking to see what kind of jazz music Minnesota can produce, look no further than Kelly Rossum. With this solid second album under his belt, his future looks awfully bright.”

— Rift magazine


“From a technical standpoint, Rossum is gifted to a philosophical level of musical understanding. It is crystal clear, from the unconventional rim shots of “Cheap Cigars” to the momentary solitude of “Hennepin Bridge,” that Rossum inherently intends to challenge the ear.”

— Jazz Improv Magazine


“ …a MacPhail professor who could teach all local jazzists a thing or two.”

— Chris Riemenschneider, Minneapolis Star Tribune


“The set walks the line between experimental and mainstream, remaining approachable throughout.”

— Dan McCaneghan, All About Jazz


“A true disciple of eclecticism, as well as a fluent jazzman, Rossum is unswayed by those who would pigeon hole him as a hard bopper, avant-guardist, or funkster.”

— Gallery Grooves


“This second album by the Twin Cities transplant, released in May on the jazz label 612 Sides, solidifies what the local jazz scene has come to love about him: studious authority and the knowledge necessary to pull off unconventional compositions and instrumental choices.”

— Courtney Lewis, Minnesota Monthly


“It ain’t on Blue Note or Verve Records, but the Kelly Rossum Quintet’s new album is easily the equal of most big-name jazz releases.”

— Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis Star Tribune


“Predictably, the new album is edgier and wilder than the first …”

— Chris Riemenschneider, Minneapolis Star Tribune


“This is a young group that gives me hope that jazz has a future, and it will not be boring. I highly recommend this CD.”

— Don Berryman, Jazz Police


“On Renovation, former Lincoln resident Kelly Rossum fronts a Twin Cities-based, crack quintet with enduring echoes of electric-era Miles Davis. The tricky, contrapuntal rhythm lines and interweaving solo statements immediately signal a bold and unconventional approach that, nevertheless, sounds somehow comfortably familiar.”

— Tom Ineck, Berman Music Foundation


“For a great tour of the varied directions jazz has taken in the past few years, Renovation is excellent listening.”

— Chris Armacost, Twin Cities Jazz Society


“We should be glad his answer to all the questions surrounding making a record was to raise his trumpet in defiance, or in Kelly’s way, to raise it and say, ‘what the hell, it should be cool.’”

— Jeremy Walker, Co-Founder Brilliant Corners