The Out to Lunch Quintet
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Dave Milne, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flute; Kelly Rossum, trumpet; Dave Hagedorn, vibraphone; Tom Lewis, bass; Phil Hey, drums
Release date : Nov. 16, 2006
Label : Jazz Police
  1. Hat and Beard
  2. Something Sweet, Something Tender
  3. Gazzelloni
  4. Out to Lunch
  5. Straight Up and Down
  6. Far Cry
  7. The Prophet
  8. Rush Hour



“[Rossum] is an excellent post bop soloist with his own personality.”

— Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene


“The Out To Lunch Quintet should be applauded for their outstanding interpretations of Eric Dolphy’s work and they certainly opened my ears to some of this classic material.”

— Dan Bilawsky, Jazz Improv Magazine


“First of all, any local jazz community outside of New York that can pull off a credible rendition of Eric Dolphy’s landmark Out to Lunch is a metropolis worth celebrating.”

— Britt Robson, City Pages


“This eight-song collection (including one original by Kelly Rossum) appeals to Dolphy’s would-be masses with a wistful and elegant set…”

— Chris Riemenschneider, Minneapolis Star Tribune


“Within a few minutes of the set in Northfield, my confusion had dissolved into rapt attention, followed by sheer delight in the interplay of sound and rhythm.”

— Andrea Canter, Jazz Ink


“Some further highlights – “Out to Lunch” with a section where trumpet, sax and vibes collectively solo in and out of time with the rhythm section commenting on the intervallic relations in the tune and with each other, a fast tumbler with a three way dialogue, or five if you like. They take some risks and it works out fine. A great number, played with connoisseur’s attention to detail. In “Far Cry,” Rossum gets into a fragmented solo with a sense of form within an expanded pitch center that is to be commended…”

— Grego Applegate Edwards, Cadence Magazine